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Kat Rodriguez (born in the Philippines) is a Filipino based fashion model and athlete. She is popularly known as a contestant in Asia's Next Top Model, Cycle 2representing the Philippines along with Jodilly Pendre.

Early CareerEdit

Rodriguez is 5 feet 6 tall started modeling professionally after she was included in the list of finalist in Asia’s Next Top Model.

Rodriguez the godchild of Filipino designer and model Tweetie De Leon-Gonzalez, who serves as one of her inspirations in joining Asia's Next Top Model.

Prior to her appearance in Asia's Next Top Model, Rodriguez is currently taking up Philosophy and Business Management in De La Salle University, and during the 76th Season of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP), she was chosen to be the school's muse[1].

Rodriguez is a member of the De La Salle University Women’s Track and Field Team. Although she has a lack of modeling experience professionally, she had an online advertisement for a popular beauty product and was included in the GMA Network's Christmas Station ID for 2012.

Top Model CareerEdit

In the competition, 16 different Asian beauties battle to become the second winner of Asia's Next Top Model. Rodriguez was an early favorite[2]. Two Filipinas competed in the show. The other Filipina finalist in this year’s Asia’s Next Top Model is the 20-year-old Jodilly Pendre from Mandaluyong City.

During the first week, Rodriguez was nearly eliminated for failing to impress the judges in her runway challenge where she fell in the water and delivering poorly in her photo shoot, still Rodriguez was called out tenth out of the fifteen finalists.

The following week, Poo won the selfie challenge, as part of her prize she'll pick a friend, choosing Kat. In the photo shoot, Rodriguez did well. At panel, the judges praised Rodriguez for doing better and improving from the previous week, resulting to her fifth place finish.

In episode 9, Kat won the best photo for the first time, she is then followed by fellow Filipina, Jodilly. The theme for that photo shoot is warrior princess.

She is the 2nd Runner Up overall, and is the contestant with the second highest fan votes behind Jodilly Pendre.

Elimination: Instead of just being ranked as runner up together with another contestant in the top 3, she was cut-off during the finale when being judged for her finale photo. She was eliminated due to the judges stating that she will only worthy for a beauty shot, and not for a high fashion shoot. This cut her off during the finale before the judging for the finale runway itself. Her portrait is then shown even though she was in the finale.

Episode Episode Title Photo Shoot Theme Rank
1 Who Walks The Walk? Opening Stills 13th (Castings)
10th (Elimination)
2 Who Attracts the Following Malaysian Couture Goddesses in Cave 5th
3 Who's Hot When She Is Cold Winter Wonderland Scene in Stylish Lingerie 4th
4 The Girl That Embraces Change 60's Chic in a Hair Salon 8th
5 The Girl That Runs Her Own Race Embodying Futuristic Sports 7th
6 The Girl Who Works The Room Mechanic Couture Inspired in a Subaru Car Factory 6th
7 The Girl Who is in the Spotlight TRESemmé Ads Overlooking Kuala Lumpur Skyline 4th
8 The Girl Who Makes a Splash Pangkor Laut Resort Editorial 5th
9 The Girl With The Wild Side Native Jungle Warriors in the Borneo Jungle Best Photo
10 The Island Girl Alex Perry gowns at the Gaya Island Beach Runner-up
11 The Girl on Life's Journey (Omitted Episode) Posing with luggage for Malaysia Airlines Bottom 2
12 The Girl Who's Epic Harper's Bazaar Editorial Best Photo
Finale The Girl Who Wins It All Kampung (Village) Life during Nightfall 2nd Runner Up


  • She finished as 2nd Runner Up having a total of 2 Best Photos and 1 Runner Up.