The Disney Hunger Games Tributes from District 1 to 12

The 1st annual Disney Hunger Games is a yearly pageant held by the "Castle". It serves as a reminder of the rebellion of the twelve districts of Disney, and therefore each districts represents one female and male tribute to fight for the death until one remains as the victor. This year is the 1st year of the games.


Character District/Gender Cause of death
Aladdin District 1 male Got insane and killed by Shang
Jasmine District 1 female Shot with an arrow by Kida
Shang District 2 male Decapitated by hisown knife at the finale
Mulan District 2 female Had an ax thrown into her chest by Pocahontas
Milo Thatch District 3 male He won the games
Kida District 3 female Head smashed by Aladdin
Eric District 4 male Shot with an arrow by Hercules
Ariel District 4 female Impaled and killed by Mulan in the initial bloodbath
Hercules District 5 male Eaten by a pack of snake mutts
Megara District 5 female Throat slit by Tarzan in the initial bloodbath
Naveen District 6 male Poisoned by eating a posion apple
Tiana District 6 female Poisoned by eating a poison apple
Tarzan District 7 male Burned by Milo Thatch
Jane Porter District 7 female Burned by Milo Thatch
Prince Charming District 8 male Unknown death during the initial bloodbath
Cinderella District 8 female Unknown death during the initial bloodbath
Beast District 9 male Killed by Pocahontas in the initial bloodbath
Belle District 9 female Killed by John Smith in the initial bloodbath
Quasimodo District 10 male Throat ripped by Beast in the initial bloodbath
Esmeralda District 10 female Unknown death during the initial bloodbath
John Smith District 11 male Killed by Beast in the initial bloodbath
Pocahontas District 11 female Stabbed multiple times at the chest by Shang
The Prince District 12 male Killed by Shang
Snow White District 12 female Killed by Mulan in the initial bloodbath

Training ScoresEdit

Character District Score
Aladdin District 1 10
Jasmine 8
Shang District 2 12
Mulan 12
Milo Thatch District 3 7
Kida 4
Eric District 4 8
Ariel 7
Hercules District 5 12
Megara 7
Naveen District 6 6
Tiana 6
Tarzan District 7 11
Jane Porter 7
Prince Charming District 8 7
Cinderella 5
Beast District 9 12
Belle 5
Quasimodo District 10 5
Esmeralda 6
John Smith District 11 10
Pocahontas 9
The Prince District 12 7
Snow White 5

The GamesEdit

Cornucopia BattleEdit

All tributes are all in their stands. The gong sounds and everyone starts to run and kill through the arena. The following is the list of the fallen tributes from the first to die to the last to die, during the Cornucopia blood bath:

  1. Quasimodo (District 10 male), 24th
  2. Belle (District 9 female), 23rd
  3. John Smith (District 11 male), 22nd
  4. Beast (District 9 female), 21st
  5. Megara (District 5 female), 20th
  6. Snow White (District 12 femlae), 19th
  7. Ariel (District 4 female), 18th
  8. Esmeralda (District 10 female), 17th
  9. Cinderella (District 8 female), 16th
  10. Prince Charming (District 8 male), 15th

After the initial bloodbath, several tributes part from the others while the other ally. Both the tributes of District 1 and 2 along with Hercules (District 5 male) were allies. The District 3 tributes teamed up, also the tributes of District 6, and also the tributes of District 7. Eric (District 4 male) and The Prince (District 12 male) turned to be allies. Pocahontas (District 11 female) decided to be alone, During the first day and night of Day 1, 13 tributes were dead, 10 from the bloodbath, 3 from the outside the bloodbath:

  1. Tiana (District 6 female), 14th
  2. Naveen (District 6 male), 13th
  3. The Prince (Distirct 12 male), 12th

During Day 2 and Day 3, 2 tributes were dead:

  1. Jasmine (District 1 female) Day 2 11th
  2. Kida (District 3 female) Day 3 10th

During Days 4-6, no tributes were dead. In the 7th and 8th day, 2 tributes were dead:

  1. Aladdin (District 1 male) Day 7 9th
  2. Eric (District 4 male) Day 8 8th

During Days 9 to 11 no tributes were dead. In Day 12, 3 tributes were dead:

  1. Tarzan (District 7 male) Day 12 7th
  2. Jane Porter (District 7 female) Day 12 6th
  3. Mulan (District 2 female) Day 12 5th

During Day 13, 1 tribute died:

  1. Pocahontas (District 11 female) Day 13 4th

During Day 14, at daytime, Hercules (District 5 male) got eaten by snake mutts. During nighttime, Shang (District 2 male) and Milo Thatch battle into in the finale when Shang supposedly throw a knife to Milo Thatch and he accidentaly thrown a knife at the forcefield where the knife came back and decapitated his head. Leaving, Milo Thatch, the male tribute of District 3 the victor of the 1st Annual Disney Hunger Games!